Luckily I can meet almost any kind of expectation to record any type of source.
I always cary a Zoom with me everywhere I go, so a quick VO recording session can be easily done with solely my Zoom and Neumann mic.
Mostly I use it to record SFX whenever I stumble upon a sound I want to add to my library.

For more sophisticated recordings I have a mobile recording kit which holds up to 16 channels in/out.
The audio interfaces are directly plugged into my computer therefore I can edit and mix on location if needed. Think about live talk shows, band recordings, VO recording sessions with multiple talents…

With the option of either Source Connect or SessionLink Pro, I can send the client a live link to listen to the session if needed. Even a live video feed is now part of my rig which means that creatives and clients can attend the recording session while they’re not physically there…

Even if you need a recording from a VO talent on the other side of the world we can setup a stable connection with their studio and record radio quality audio with hardly any latency.

SOURCE NEXUS PRO:!/guest/fullsonics

Enough chatting, let’s start recording!! 🙂

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