Sept 7th 2019————Finally our Vietnam video is online. Music and Audio Post Production all done here at Full Sonics

May 13th 2019—————-Honoured to participate in this amazing project for the 2019 European elections. I’ve done the Sound Design and R128 Mix.

Nov 16th 2018—————–I Have been awarded with the Dante Level 3 certificate!!

Sept 29th 2018—————-Did a cool project for “Supporter van Schoon”. I am responsible for the Sound design and I composed the music for this commercia! Check it out at:

Sept 16th 2018—————–My new Focusrite Clarett 8Pre came in!! Awesome! 😀

Sept 6th 2018 ——————Only now is when I found out I can create a download link for my own media so might as well make advantage of this function… Clicking the following link will allow you to download the thesis I wrote during my study at SAE. Paul Fitz Acoustics & Grades

July 13rd 2018 ————– BTOWU documentary I did the audio post production for is now online!! —->

July 7th 2018 —————- Now got a ZOOM H4N Pro to record SFX,  what an amazing piece of technology

June 15th 2018 ————– Finally got the SPL Transient Designer plus Plug-In, hands down, the best in it’s kind

June 11th 2018 ——————— Upgraded to Komplete 11 Ultimate NI

April 24th 2018 ——————— Upgraded to Arturia V6 Collection

April 4th 2018 ———————–Now editing on a LG widescreen, so no tunnel vision anymore

January 4th 2018  ———– Ooh yes SSL bundle in the house

September 9th  2017 ——– Got a job in Post Production in Amsterdam!!

August 26th 2017 ———- Yesss!! Graduated for my Bachelor of Science!!

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