I started in 2006 with “bedroom studio recordings”, expanded over the years during school into a semi-professional home studio. Studied abroad in Toronto, Canada in 2015 to gain experience and to have a look at the North American music industry. Also where I ate a lot of really good bacon. Now based in the Amsterdam area and working at Top Format Productions. On the side I do freelance work for production companies that handle small to medium-size productions.


Top Format Productions, Audio Engineer – December 2018 – Current Occupation
Haarlem has a high-tech facility where a lot of Jingles are produced that can be heard on several radio stations.
Also numerous radio commercials made at this facility can be heard every 20 minutes or so!!!
And I’m the guy recording, editing and mixing those commercials!!
In my studio I’ve got all the tools needed to compose Sound logos, adding SFX to picture, mix according to the R128 standard and make sure you are the loudest commercial on air!

Full Sonics, Music and Audio Post Production – Current Occupation
As a sole proprietor I freelance for several production companies and agencies who hire me to edit, mix and master small to medium size projects.
If a certain project demands particular sounds, I will go out in the field and record whatever sounds I need myself. In my garage, which is properly acoustically treated for recording foley and other unusual SFX  that aren’t easy to record in a regular studio.

Stainless Sound, Junior Sound Engineer – September 2017 / June 2018
Worked at Stainless Sound in Amsterdam. Recording, editing, mixing and mastering audio for TV and Radio commercials. Also VO recordings, adding SFX to picture, editing cut downs and various other audio engineering tasks were part of the daily routine.

Live Audio Engineer – April 2017
During the Uprise Festival in Amsterdam I live mixed speeches, pitches, panels and workshops from representatives of  various corporations.

Stagehand Drake – March 2017
When his “The boy meets world tour” ended on March 29th in the Netherlands at the Ziggo Dome, I was there to break down the stage. Tasks involved de-cabeling trusses, boxing equipment such as lights, line array and other hardware. Wrapping cables, handling the logistics of flight cases and prepping containers for shipping.

Sound editor, Post production – February 2017
For a 30 minute documentary about plastic waste and marine pollution I have edited the audio.
Tasks were mainly restoration of audio with use of RX, EQ matching recordings made at different locations, volume matching, editing voice-overs and mixing music to the video. The documentary premiered on 05-03-2017 at Pathé Tuschinski cinema’s in Amsterdam.

Audio Engineer, Producer,  Studio De Grauwe Kat – September 2016
Recorded a 5 piece band, live of the floor. Band consisted of drums, bass, guitar, saxophone and vox. Taks were varying from setting up the mic’s, giving advice and suggestions during the recording process to documenting the process, editing, mixing and finally mastering their tracks.

Stage Tech, The Rivoli – November 2015
Setting up the PA system and FOH, assigning inserts to the desired channels. Ringing out the wedges and side-fill monitors. Miking the various instruments that were on stage and helped the musicians getting on and off stage in between performances.

Assistant Engineer, Royal & McPherson Theatre – July 2015
During one full week I assisted recording the Naden Band of the Royal Canadian Navy in Victoria, British Colombia at the Royal McPherson theatre. Tasks were setting up and testing an array of microphones (various microphone techniques were applied) DI’s, headphone mixes, lock with DAW, checking levels, keep track of the cues and takes during the session and more peripheral issues. Documenting the whole session by taking notes, pictures and snapshots of the board.


SAE, Bachelor of Science in Audio Engineering, Amsterdam, NL –  2017
Dante Certification Level 1, 2 & 3

Recording Arts Canada, Toronto, Canada – Diploma Audio Engineering, 2015
Masterclass Celemony Melodyne, Toronto, Canada – 2015
Practical Music Masterclasses, Wisseloord Studios, The Netherlands  – 2010-2011


Experience with Apple Mac OSX, Pro tools, Logic, Reason, Maschine, Melodyne and various today’s state of the art plug-ins.
Good at breweing coffee, better at drinking it.
Stringing guitars, replacing heads of drums and tuning them, soldering cables (while listening to heavy metal).

Speaks and writes Dutch and English.

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