Acoustic Consulting

Have you ever wondered why your guitar amp sounds different when you move it around the room, or when you set it up at your buddy’s place? Even without changing any settings on the amp?

It is because sound travels. It travels though air and bounces back from where it hits a wall, ceiling or any other object in that room. A sound wave’s reflection will behave differently when it comes from a soft, thick curtain than from a glass window.

These material properties and the sound waves behaviour are controllable. 

First the room is measured with laser precise measuring technology, then a sine sweep ( a pure tone swept through the frequency spectrum ) is being played and recorded to afterwards analyze in specialized software. Custom made resonators, baffles and/or panels are then put together to attenuate any standing waves and therefore creating a room with a balanced frequency response.

That is how we get your room to sound better!

Multiple ways of mounting the panels are possible. Ask what you wish for and we will make it happen. There is also an option to make the panels more broadband, that way you can use them at the rehearsal room, at home, and even on stage!!



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