BlinQ – SCS Pooled Trust

A new animation video is now online! 🌎🔑

Spring is here so fresh, vibrant, vivid violins, a clear, articulate and easy to listen voice over, PLUS snappy, accentuating sound effects makes this explainer a breeze to follow!!

“A Pooled Income Trust is a unique type of trust that allowed disabled individuals of any age to preserve their income and assets, so that they may become or retain financial eligibility for public benefits such as Medicaid and Home Care.”

Working for a good cause again so I feel privileged that I’ve worked on this project!!

• Animation Studio 🎥 Blinq Media Production
• Audio Post & Music 🎛️ Full Sonics

Qatcher – Smartcenter

Voor Qatcher heb ik de audio nabewerking mogen verzorgen voor een hele gave klant namelijk: SmartCenter
Dynamische, kleurrijke beelden met passende SFX op moderne muziek met drive..
En met een dijk van een voice-over als kers op de taart!

Super blij met het resultaat!! 📍📈

• Animation Studio 🎥 Qatcher | Roelant Vossen
• Voice Over 🎙 Deborah de Groot🎙
• Audio Post 🎛️ Full Sonics | Paul Fitz Verploegh

BlinQ – It’s All Relative


BlinQ Media has given me their trust to compose and find music to their new animation video. With the help of well designed sound effects, this piece of art truly came to life in the audio post production stage. I feel privileged that I’ve worked on this project!!

“Shalom Challenge shows you the way to a whole new level of relationships.”

And I’m very blessed with mine 🎗🕊💫🏆

• Animation Studio 🎥 @blinq_media
• Audio Post 🎛️ @fullsonics

BlinQ – IG PPC

Hands-on Amazon PPC Management

For a New York based agency I’ve proudly serviced the audio post production for this short, informative animation video!
As a Dutch sound designer , I have a few bicyle soundeffects laying around on my harddrive… so making these cyclists come to life was fun to do!
I’m very happy with the result to say the least!

🚲 📈🔝

• Animation Studio 🎥 @blinq_media
• Music 🎹 @fitzverploegh
• Audio Post 🎛️ @fullsonics

Green Express B.V.

NEW WORK Transport & Logistics company Green Express B.V. reached out to Peper Film for a short company film.
Green Express B.V. is a young and dynamic transport company with quality deliveries.

Thanks to our friend Michael Ovanisjan for this chance! We are very happy with the result. TeamDirector: @aldoagaatsz
Composer: @hugo_agaatsz
Sound design: @fullsonics
Voice over: @mve_music

MisterGreen Tagon Q3 2022

🔋Je luistert naar de commercial tag-on die draaide op de landelijke radio van MisterGreen Electric Lease op BNR Nieuwsradio #denationaleautoshow

• Music 🎹 Paul Fitz Verploegh
• Audio Post 🎛️ Full Sonics
• Voice Over🎙️ Martine Chloë van den Boomen
• Animatie 📸 Richway
• Met dank aan Bob en Sven Kraaijenbrink